Behavior change research and intervention development
Greater Good offers a number of trainings, and in addition, can assist with intervention development, analysis, or enhancement, as well as the research that is necessary to develop, improve, or evaluate an intervention.

Trainings Two examples of trainings offered by Greater Good are shown below. These trainings can be adjusted to whatever duration is deemed optimal (and of course, this duration determines the price). Feel free to contact us to discuss possibilities in your organisation.

Effective Methods for Behavior Change: This training encompasses one or several presentations explaining the basics, and, in longer trainings, the intricacies, of behaviour change. The training is based on the Intervention Mapping protocol; though the training minimises the use of technical terms, the IM protocol provides a useful tangible structure. The training of course also includes exercises, where participants work on a fictional or a real intervention using the workbook.

Better presenting: visualising concepts: Regardless of the software people use, be it Powerpoint, Keynote, Prezi or LaTeX Beamer, slides more often interfere with than support a story. This training starts with an explanation of a number of psychological principles to keep in mind when developing visual support for a presentation, and trains participants in thinking in concepts and relationships, translating these to symbols and representations of these relationships, and using this for the basis of the slides, so that the slides truly become visual support for the story.

Consultancy In addition to training people to develop effective behavior change interventions, Greater Good also provides direct support in a consulting role. If your organisation would like Greater Good to facilitate mapping determinants, matching effective methods of behavior change to determinants, translating methods to applications, supervising the production process, or developing an implementation plan, feel free to contact us to explore possibilities of working together.