Behavior change research and intervention development
Welcome to Greater Good.

Our goal is to optimise the quality of behavior change intervention development and research. To achieve this goal, Greater Good offers a number of services, which are briefly outlined here.

First, our main product is Creatisy, a website that assists with the development of behavior change interventions. This website is based largely on Intervention Mapping, one of the most popular protocols for systematic intervention development. Creatisy is in development now, but if you would like to be kept up to date, you can always contact us.

Second, Greater Good can assist with the development of behavior change interventions. We offer the expertise you need to conduct the research necessary to identify where to intervene for maximum effectiveness (you can read more about our experience here). In addition, we can help you selecting and applying behavior change methods, translating your intervention elements to a real program, and evaluating your intervention. We are especially experienced in online intervention development.

Third, we intend to develop more products to help people develop effective interventions (in addition to Creatisy). The first of these is QualiCoder, a system for analysing qualitative data that offers several advantages over the software that is currently being used most of the time. You can already access our current testing version at

Finally, we offer trainings. We can provide trainings in Intervention Mapping, qualitative and quantitative research methods, and advanced slide design.