We do research into, consultancy about, and train people in the systematic development of effective behavior change interventions.

Intervention Development

Greater Good can support your intervention development efforts. We have extensive training in the Intervention Mapping protocol and are involved in intervention development efforts for various target behaviors and target populations. We can either support the development of a specific intervention or train your staff in:

  • conducting literature reviews;
  • doing qualitative and/or quantitative determinant studies;
  • selecting determinants to target in an intervention
  • selecting behavior change principles to use to target those determinants;
  • supervising the intervention production process
  • planning for implementation and adoption of an intervention
  • planning the evaluation of an intervention

In addition, Greater Good is involved in the development of a number of cutting edge and freely available technologies to facilitate intervention development. So if you’re ready to take your intervention development to the next level, drop a line!


We have extensive training in systematic reviews, meta-analyses, qualitative research, and quantitative research. Actively developing tools for all types of research and having been involved in many different projects means that we can quickly determine how to design a study to answer specific questions.

If you consider using the Greater Good to support your research goals, it is important to realise that we work conform Open Science practices, which means that the research we do is public, potentially after an embargo period, but inevitably and non-negotiably, as research should be to secure transparency and integrity, and to do research conform the codes of conduct of Dutch research associations the KNAW and the VSNU. Of course, we are very familiar with the GDPR, and so we always work with anonymized datasets (and know how to anonimyze datasets).

We use the Free/Libre Open Source Software (FLOSS) packages LimeSurvey for datacollection in quantitative research and various R packages for analysis; the metaverse in R for literature syntheses; and the reproducible open coding kit in R for quantitative data analysis.


Greater Good is involved in the development of a number of R packages. These are listed at https://gitlab.com/r-packages.

The Greater Good is also available to support coding efforts in your organisations, preferably in R (although we have limited experience with PHP, MySQL, and JQuery/javascript). In addition, we have a wide network of professionals who can support such efforts.