Behavior change research and intervention development
Qualicoder is the second main product of Greater Good (next to Creatisy). It is an online alternative to the very expensive packages NVivo and Atlas.ti, which are used by most universities for analysing qualitative data. Like Creatisy, Qualicoder is developed in collaboration with Fertile Media.

Qualicoder is being developed at the hand of a number of principles: Based on these principles, Qualicoder will be a very cheap online system, allowing you to collaborate on a project with several users. It's possible to code the same sources blindly (i.e. without being able to see somebody else's codes), either with each coder generating his or her own coding structure, or by forcing coders to use a general coding structure. Also, it's possible to designate reviewers who can see what you did, but can't change anything (for example, for supervisors etc). Furthermore, you can publish parts of your project publicly. Needless to say, the coding itself will also be very intuitive and effortless. Basically, we used this occasion to develop a system that doesn't suffer from any of the shortcomings we encountered when working with other software for qualitative analysis.

A testable version of Qualicoder is currently live at We expect that we will be able to present a first fully working version of Qualicoder towards the middle of 2014. If you would like to be kept up to date, feel free to contact us.