Behavior change research and intervention development
Creatisy (pronounced "create easy") is the reason Greater Good was founded. It is a website that helps to develop effective behavior change interventions, developed in collaboration with Fertile Media. Based largely on the Intervention Mapping protocol, Creatisy will assist intervention developers by asking the right questions at the right moments and providing the right information at the right moments. In essence, it makes it relatively
to effective behavior change interventions.

Even for Intervention Mapping experts, it is often hard to remember all the tasks that are important to maximize intervention effectiveness. For newly trained intervention developers, it can take months or years before their expertise develops to a level where little remains overlooked. Creatisy takes care of this, by remembering everything.

This way, the intervention developers can focus on the creative aspects of intervention development, and trust Creatisy to tell them when information needs to be provided or choices need to be justified. In addition, Creatisy can help finding the right behavior change methods, and safeguard their parameters for effectiveness throughout the process towards a finalized program.

Towards the middle of 2014, we expect that we can present some screenshots, and Creatisy will launch later in 2014. If you would like to be kept up to date, feel free to contact us.