Behavior change research and intervention development
The Greater Good was founded in 2011 by Gjalt-Jorn Peters, primarily as a vehicle to be able to develop Creatisy. However, in time, ambitions have grown, and currently Greater Good offers a number of services.

The expertise of Greater Good is based on a unique cross-section of backgrounds: extensive experience with research into and development of behavior change interventions, combined with an intuitive affinity with technology, ICT and programming.

Gjalt-Jorn has completed and published a number of systematic reviews and meta-analyses, qualitative interview studies, and quantitative surveys and experiments, and has collaborated in the development of a number of behavior change interventions.

Furthermore, Gjalt-Jorn has always had a strong interest in ICT. Although Greater Good can not do your programming for you, we do work with a number of trusted partners, allowing us to offer you excellent value at a relatively low price, with the added plus of our behavior change expertise. Using an experienced liasion to translate your needs to a feasable ICT application can prevent a myriad of problems. For example, for many people, communication with a webdesign company is similar to bringing your car to the garage; you're at a disadvantage, because they're the experts, often forcing you to take their word. Using a liaison who speaks both languages solves this problem.

In addition to the extensive experience already present within the Greater Good, we also have a broad network of experts, academics, practitioners and professionals. You can view a list of partners with whom we frequently work here.